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About Digital Art / Student Elijah Tobias-Noah BarrowmanMale/United States Groups :iconravioli-and-ham: Ravioli-and-Ham
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And she tagged me gdi xD Tagged by: CheesyMouse

1. You have to post these rules. 
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 new questions to the people you tag.
4. Choose 13 people.
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged. 
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. Tag-backs are ALLOWED
10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11. You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, RP, etc.
12. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
13. Cussing is ALLOWED.

13 Things About Highwind

1. I can make cheap living off ramen delicious with miso, fruits, veggies, meat, and tea.
2. I'm so fucking genderfluid half the time I don't know what I'm feeling.
3. I will forever be psyched for Kingdom Hearts and AoT.
4. I hoard useful things. Last year it was change and I had like almost $80 in pennies, quarters, nickles and dimes. This year it's soda. I don't often drink soda unless I have an aching for caffeine or I'm mixing vodka so I'M BEING USEFUL FOR THE PARTY NEXT WEEKEND I HAVE SO MUCH SODA.
5. I still read the same amount; but I read fanfiction. A lot.
6. I take 1 mile walks every day.
7. I don't know how to drive.
8. My cat is an asshole. My brother is the asshole who taught him to be an asshole.
9. I've spent the past four weeks living at my girlfriends house because it was easier. I spent last night and today at home and I deeply regret it.
10. I have like eight fanfictions written either on my email or in notebooks but haven't gotten anywhere near close starting to put them online.
11. I dislike my birthdays but I'm always a slut for Halloween.
12. I'm addicted to a goddamn warriors rpg site and I hate it.
13. I hate making art and writing art but I do it anyway because fuck my life.

CHEEESY's Questions 

1. How are you?
I feel like I'm doing better in life, but feel like I haven't progressed mentally.

2. What is your opinion of me? 
*groans* I did your tag, didn't I?

3. Tell me the story of how you became interested in the artwork you create?
What? Me? No man, I hate everything I do. I hate the oc's, the storylines, the aus, the drawing - I hate it man. WHY AM I SO INVESTED IN EVIL THINGS?!

4. What does the artwork you create mean to you? 
I just like pretty things...

5. What does the artwork of others do for you?

6. Do you believe in the kind of love where someone would want to spend the rest of their life with you? Or do you feel disillusioned about it? 
I do :3 I'm in a happy long term relationship.

7. Are you happy?
A majority of the time; otherwise I'm exhausted.
8. Tell me about one of your most treasured memories. 
Christmas. 2013. My girlfriend and I went out to walk around at Christmas lights. I got her an opal ring. She got me an awesome bracelet with our anniversary date on it. It was.. amazing. Unfortunately, our things were stolen from us at Gay Prom the following July so... yeah good shit.

9. Is there anything you'd like to ask me? I'm curious. 
Your questions are so deep. I feel like I'm ruining them xD

10. What are you thinking about right now?
Sleep. I should be sleeping. And eating. 

11. Do you like to read? If so, what kinds of books do you enjoy?
I need more heart crushing character destroying end of the world shit. But I read all kinds of aus so xD
12. What is your wish? If plural, what are your wishes? 
I just want to achieve normal minimal life goals. Move out, be happy, keep a good job... I'd love to get married, have a kid or two, but lets work on ourselves first.

13. If you were to create a fictional world with me in it, what kind of character would you imagine I am and what role or purpose would I play in it? 
Hmmmmm..... *looks through Brimstone script* Chasity.


Elijah Tobias-Noah Barrowman
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

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