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"I'll Find You Again"

Chapter 2: Truth


Miharu turned to the older blond next to him, confused.

"I lied?" Yuikimi stepped in, slipping his shoes off awkwardly as he sat across the table from the young boy.

"You told me Sora had died."


Miharu clutched onto Yoite, petting the young cat's head as he sat against the wall near them. Yukimi looked just as confused as he did.

"I don't think I recall..." blue eyes looked down at the table as he tried to remember the conversation. Sora... that name sounded so familiar, but he couldn't place a face to it. He couldn't even recall the conversation. How could he not? How did he know about someone being dead if he didn't know them?

"My older brother, you said you knew something about him, and that he was dead. You lied to me." Tsukasa seemed to be so happy about this news, despite its morbid undertone.

"Look, Tsukasa, I don't even remember when we spoke about this..." the man admitted.

Tsukasa started up again, but the brunette in the corner didn't catch the words. He just heard shoes against the wooden porch outside the door, they were quickly approaching the apartment.

The door handle jingled and the sound of someone searching for something in a bag could be heard to the younger.

"Hold on Yoite..." he set the black kitten down, watching it run to Tsukasa's side, purring as he rubbed against him.

Unable to find a key, the figure knocked, quickly.

"I'll get it..." Miharu stood and went to the door, not really finding it rude to answer another's door. Not when Tsukasa and Yukimi seemed to be arguing over a lost memory.

'A lost memory...?' Miharu shivered. The words haunted him. '...I remember...'

Green eyes stared at the door handle as it jingled again, the person on the other side eager to get in. It was still cold out... Why couldn't he open the door?

He didn't know why, but he doubted opening it. Who was the person on the other side?

Shaking his head and realizing how stupid he must look to the other two, he moved forward and turned the handle.

"...Hello?" he stared at the boy in front of him. "...Ah, wait, I know you."

The boy who he and Yukimi had passed earlier... the dark hair and rushed look.

"Who are you?" the boy was probably at least a head taller than him. He had to be close to graduating school based on that alone.

"Sora, there you are!" Tsukasa's voice was so pleased behind the two.

'I do know you...' Miharu didn't realize he was staring at Sora as he took his shoes off and smiled to his brother before going into one of the other bed rooms. '...Sora? ... No...'

"So, that's him? He looks really familiar..." Yukimi seemed to be watching the tall boy before he disappeared as well.

"You said you knew him!" Tsukasa said, voice accusingly as he looked over at the blond.

Yoite was under the table, playing with a loose string on the blond haired man's jacket.

"Don't do that Yoite..." Miharu mumbled, moving over and grabbing the blue eyes cat. "...Yukimi... I think I've seen him before too. Has he been in Banten before?"

"I... don't know..." Tsukasa's voice was lowered, obviously feeling guilty for talking about his brother while he was just in the other room. "I mean... I found him at the church a few months ago. He was sick and has been in the hospital, he just got out last week. The preacher said he hadn't even seen him the night before, he was just... there all of a sudden."

"Do your parents know?"

He shook his head at the older man. "No, there's no way I could tell them, it's complicated. He has trouble remembering some things, and he has nightmares, but we both know who he is. It's like he can't remember where he's been the past few years since he ran away. He's still really smart, but he's taking a lot of classes to make up for missing for so long..."

"So why did you call me?"

"... When he starts thrashing in his sleep he asks for you... and for Miharu."

The brunette's head snapped up from the cat in his lap to the other boy. "...For me?"

He wasn't sure why but... it hurt. Not in a way that meant he was scared or angry... a good hurt, like he was happy to hear he mattered.

Even though this boy was a stranger...

"I want to be erased... Don't mourn for me... It's easier this way..."
I know the first part is in first person- but I've found I really hate writing in first person. That, and I'm an awful Miharu, that's why I role/cosplay Yoite.

*** If you look at Yoite's past, he never went to school, so he would have difficulty and have a lot to make up for. However, if you read the manga, you'd see him reading Trigonometry books at the age of only fourteen, so he's pretty smart.
[After all, I'm seventeen and I have trouble with Geometry...]

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This is a good chapter! I can tell that the next one is going to be good!
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