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"I'll Find You Again"

Chapter 4: Miharu


Sora sighed heavily as he stared at the paper, knowing very well he was going to have this trouble. Every paper he started on, he always started writing 宵 instead of そ right where his name was supposed to go. Every time. He wasn't even sure why.

He stood up from the desk, ignoring the finished, unclaimed paper, and headed into the kitchen. "Tsuka- ... Never mind."

"What?" the younger looked up from the vegetables he was frying.

"I was going to ask if you were hungry, but if you're already making dinner..." he smiled lightly.

It was weird to be coming back, awkward, and it seemed to be as fragile as rice paper. The two boys- despite everything Sora had been put through- got along really well. Tsukasa had helped him a lot since he had gotten out of the hospital. Despite the younger always feeling guilty, well, he never held anything against his half-brother. None of it had been his fault... And though it took a lot of time to come to terms with, he was starting to understand it wasn't his fault either. Whatever his father had thought of him... That was that man's problem. They'd never have to see their father or Tsukasa's mother ever again...

They were safe.

"...Whats the occasion?" Yoite realized he was smelling chikuzenni. "I didn't fall asleep until New Years, did I?"

"No, I just... I was going to make this when you first came here, but I haven't really had the time. You said it was your favorite, so..." the younger smiled. "Welcome home?"

He really just felt like crying... Everything was so different then when they'd last seen each other- a shiver ran down his spine at the thought- and yet... As much as he wanted to thank his brother, he didn't really feel at home... He was comfortable, happy, relieved and relaxed but it felt like something was missing and he couldn't grab it- he couldn't even reach out to attempt to grab it. It was a pang of pain right in his heart.

Deep blue eyes looked down to try and hide his teary expression, forcing a smile on his face for the smaller.

"Thank you, Tsukasa... Really..."


Sora started turning off any of the lights that were still illuminating the small apartment. Dishes had been cleaned and put away, the Senior's leftovers were packed for tomorrow's lunch, both boys had gotten cleaned off, and Tsukasa was finishing up his homework, tiredly, in his room. Still brushing his teeth as he multi-tasked, Sora moved towards the door to lock it, flicking off the porch light. Leaning down to make sure their shoes were ready for morning he felt cold plastic on his feet.

Surprised, the taller of the occupants reached down, fumbling in the dark as his toothbrush hung from his mouth, before grabbing the ID. Sure it was his or Tsukasa's he headed back to the tiny hallway where his brother's room light leaked through.

"六条 壬晴"

Oh, well, that couldn't be right...

"Tsukasa." the opened the door enough to see his brother snap up, most likely from dozing off. "That friend that was over today... His name was Rokujo Miharu, right?"

"Yea, that's him. Why?"

"I found his ID at the door. He's from Banten?"

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that Sora, I can take it to them or call Yukimi to pick it up."

"..." 'Miharu....' The brunette had seemed so focused on him, he wanted to know why. He had been from Banten, but he seemed so familiar... Like he could have said anything to him. Had he been involved with the part of the four years he couldn't remember? Another shiver ran through him as he started towards his own room.

"I'll return it to them tomorrow." he said just loud enough to be heard before closing the door behind him. Miharu... Miharu... he had looked so familiar, the name sounded so comforting... He had to see him again.

Sora could feel tears biting to be free, but he did his best to ignore them. He saw he hadn't put his name on the paper yet, quickly scrawling '宵風'  before erasing it again. Shaking his head in disapproval of himself he wrote 'そら', still frozen to why he kept putting Yoite there. That had been that black cat's name, hadn't it?

He put the paper in his school bag, and started hiding money in there between book pages. Right after school he'd get on a bus to Banten, and from there try and find Miharu.
そら - Sora
宵風 - Yoite
六条 壬晴 - Rokujo Miharu

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