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March 17, 2010
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It's a lovely sound, really it is. When I stand there by the door, pausing in my work for only a moment... I feel like I've been reborn. I feel that if I just let it all go, I would be able to dance on the wind, over the trees, and into the sweet Oblivion.

So that's where I stood, listening to beautiful Chopin sweep through the door. My eyes closed gently, and I started to hum along. Amazing pictures of valleys and hills were pained before my closed eyes, and I could feel the sun beams and the breeze... I had heard this peace so often, I didn't even realize that the music had stopped. I, instead, continued to picture the most beautiful pictures in my head. Mr. Austria at his piano, playing the keys without a second thought...

"Ah-hem!" I snapped out of my daydream immediately and my eyes snapped up. Warm blue eyes were staring down at me, questionably.  "What are you doing, Putzfrau?"

  "M-Mister Austria-"

"You should have come in if you wanted to listen. Eavesdropping is a nasty habit I will not allow in my house. Do you understand?"

  His smile was so sincere... he held his hand out to mine, and I was almost afraid I would dirty his own hands... After all, I was a maid... But he insisted I took it and led me into the room.

He sat me down next to him on the piano bench, starting to play once again. It was much more beautiful up close...

   "It is magnificent Mister Austria...." I clapped lightly as he finished.

  He was looking right into my eyes when he smiled again. "It is, isn't it?"

    I could hear my heart race, so I quickly stood up and hurried to the room, asking for him to kindly excuse me, that I had plenty of chores to finish.

  ... This continued for several months. He seemed to be avoiding his husband Spain, and there was a little boy in the house I had come very fond of to take care of. And another young boy was helping us... more like in charge of us, in a way.

   And still... once in awhile... Mister Austria would take me into his piano room, with or without cute little Italy, and he would play for me. He could say something that would compliment me, thought I don't quiet understand what he found so beautiful.

  After awhile, the Holy Roman Empire left... And as things developed, things got worse or better, and everything changed... I was no longer his maid, but my own nation.

Austria walked up to me one afternoon, he had found me while I had been outside, just going down the streets.

  "Hungary, would you accompany me for lunch?" I could feel a light blush appear on my face. I had seen him once in awhile but... he had not spoken directly towards me in quiet some time.

  I agreed happily. The lunch spot was a nice little restaurant, and we sat outside enjoying the beauty of spring. He shifted a bit impatiently (he never was the patient type) and held my hand delicate. He asked me to stand, and I did, assuming we were going to dance or something.

   Instead, he went to a knee and pulled out a small black colored box. I gasped, stunned.

"Elizaveta Hedervary, would you marry me?"

   I didn't understand. I was so happy, I could feel tears falling down my cheek.

"Y-Yes... Roderich Edelstein..."
I'm sorry, its just I had this dream last night, and it played in my head earlier when "You Raise Me Up" played on my MP3 on my walk home.

AustriaxHungary :heart:
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